by Giles Hudson

About Giles Hudson

Giles Hudson is well-known and respected as an Expert By Experience in the field of Acquired Brain Injury.

His life became a continuous rehabilitation experience, following a life threatening Acquired head injury, 30 years ago. Visibly there is no evidence of the injuries he sustained nor the daily challenges he faces.

The majority of his symptoms relating to his brain injuries were/are invisible – many of his skills and abilities that come under the umbrella of ‘executive function’ are damaged and compromised. These include problem-solving, self-awareness, decision-making and concentration.

Yet through his personal rehabilitation, inner determination, dedicated support, patience and encouragement of his parents, Giles has been able find success by developing strategies which have assisted him re-learn some of the skills he had lost.

Today, Giles undertakes consultancy work with Greenshoot Care Services Ltd and is passionately dedicated to inspiring others to fulfill their full potential.

Gile Hudson

He has been described as a proficient and eloquent speaker and has delivered inspirational and motivational talks on his experiences to Solicitors, Health Professionals, Medical Students, ABI/TBI Survivors and is an advocate for charities which support Brain Injury services users nationally. His involvements have led him to be called upon as a Speaker for Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury Seminars and Conferences throughout the country.

Recent Events & Involvements

  • Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Trust: Case study presentation at Annual Neuropsychology Conference, with a clinical focus, to audience of psychiatrists, psychologists & trainees.
  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Neurology, Northampton: Case study based presentation at national conference exploring practice/therapies in neuro-rehabilitation to audience of physiotherapy professionals.
  • Teesside University, Middlesbrough Occupational Therapy master’s degree students. Case Study Presentation.
  • Real Life Options for the launch of their Aspire A.B.I. support service. Audience: people who had sustained an A.B.I, support workers, Aspire volunteers, representatives from Brain Injury Support Organisations, Catterick military base recovery centre and Medical professionals.
  • Stewarts Law Solicitors, Leeds. Providing insight to long term effects of brain injury. Audience: Law partners, solicitors, law practitioners.
  • Irwin Mitchell LLP Solicitors at their “Living Life Beyond Rehabilitation” Conference. Audience: legal practice, medical and various rehabilitation service professionals.
  • Headway Darlington and Headway Teesside, who provide support to people who have sustained an Acquired Brain Injury. Presentation to people with acquired brain injury and to support service professionals.
  • Momentum Skills North East who provide rehabilitation and training services for individuals affected by Acquired Brain Injuries or other Neurological Conditions impacting on cognitive ability. Presentation to people with acquired brain injury and to support service professionals.

Health Care Professionals Workshop

Giles Hudson remains a motivational individual after defying the Medical Professionals who only gave him a 25 percent chance of making it through the first night following a car crash .

30 years on, Giles now runs workshops targeted at improving the understanding Health Professionals have on the long term effects of Brain Injury.

As a Consultant with Greenshoot Care Services Ltd Giles also works with some of the top Universities in the Country assisting Occupational Therapy Students and Neurology Students understand the effects of Brain Injury.

These courses are run with in conjunction with the university lectures to form part of the overall students learning experience.

Contact us to find out more about how Giles can enhance the learning experience for University Students and Health Care Professionals.

"Giles always displayed a professioal manner throughout his training sessions, which were always delivered with the client group uppermost in his delivery. Displaying an epathy with the client group the promoting a confidence from them to achieve, a true practitioner in every sense of the word"...John Brookes MIfL QTLS Tutor/ Advice and Guidance Specialist Having worked with Giles on numerous occasions, I have been very impressed with the standard of his work. He is a very thorough and professional in his approach and delivery of any subject that he is delivering. His motivational work is of an excellent standard, this is further enhanced by the empathy that he shows and his own personal experiences including examples that he uses during the course thathe has developed"
Nick Morton

A Challenging Journey: Defiance In The Face Of Adversity

This accredited workshop is targeted specifically for Solicitors. Giles Hudson (Consultant at Greenshoot Care Services) will dive deep into specific challenges he went through in his rehabilitation, following a Traumatic Brain Injury. This workshop will give you insight and a long term view on the effects of Brain Injury you won’t get anywhere else. You will hear the exact how-to’s from somebody who has done it, experienced the same obstacles and frustrations your clients are likely to experienced and ultimately found success by developing a strategies and relearning some of the skills he had lost

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise & define barriers to confidence, motivation, self-esteem & progress.
  • Recognise ways to improve confidence, motivation, self-esteem & progress.
  • Recognise personal & environmental barriers to a reasonable quality of life for someone who has sustained a brain injury.
  • Recognise ways to overcome personal & environmental barriers to a reasonable quality of life for someone who has sustained a brain injury.
  • Recognise the possible long term negative effects and limitations on the quality of life for someone who has sustained a Brain Injury. (Including their reduced level of personal independence, career potential & future financial security).
  • Have a broad understanding of the potential support required by someone who has sustained a Brain Injury & the implications of such support.
  • Recognise the impact from someone sustaining a Brain Injury on their families, support networks & their community.
  • Recognise the long term effects from someone sustaining a Brain Injury on their families, support networks & their community.
"I would recommend Giles as a proficient speaker - especially in the area of brain injury and rehabilitation - his delivery on this topic at the Darlington Headway Launch was both inspirational and motivational."
Claire Hewitt
Business Development Manager at BHP Law
"I have seen Giles speak on a number of occasions and his account of surviving a brain injury was both moving and inspiring. I would be happy for him to speak at an event that I was organising. He has supported Headway Teesside and has been a positive, calming presence at our drop-in. I have been very pleased that he has regularly attended and supported other survivors."
Ben Townsend
Partner and brain/spinal cord injuries lawyer at Stewarts Law LLP Development
“I have now worked with Giles since March 2013. Giles is a very motivational speaker, and I recommend him to potential training companies. The trauma that Giles has sustained in his life, gives him a platform from which he delivers his personal take on the experience that changed him as a person, changed his career path and changed his outlook on life.”
Alastair White
Network Support Manager at Headway - the brain injury association