Greenshoot Care Services was approach by the NHS – The Case Study

Greenshoot Care Services was approach by the NHS Continuing Healthcare following a breakdown in the care provision for a service user with Autism within a Residential Setting.


The service user who we shall call Mark has challenging difficulties. The residential setting felt that they did not have the resources to continue supporting Mark and so a new provider was being sought. During this period relationships were being strained and staffing challenges meant the staff were exhausted and Mark was unable to continue with the activities he enjoyed. 

Greenshoot Care Services was approached to come in as the provider whilst a new and more suited placement was sought.

Greenshoot Care Services Approach. 

After the initial Assessment, our team felt we would be able to work with Mark  within his current setting, while a new provider was being sought. We worked tirelessly with the provider to learn and understand the situation and what had led to a breakdown in care. We also worked with the family and included the family in decision when Mark was unable to do so. 

Once a new provider was assigned, Greenshoot moved with Mark to what would be his new home and continued working with Mark in the new setting allowing Mark to familiarise himself in his new environment.