We are Care Services Providers, Specialising in enabling people with acquired brain injuries to fulfill their full potential by encouraging and supporting them in experiencing community inclusion through their process of recovery, growth, rehabilitation and well-being.


The services we provide encourage our clients (in a sensitive way) to build a greater understanding of themselves as individuals with a cohesive sense of self-worth, personal strength and self-determination.


We aim to deliver person centred care for people who have acquired brain injuries in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide quality supportive care to all our clients, which is designed to meet their individual needs. We have a genuine desire to provide the services that people with complex & challenging needs deserve, recognise that each person is different and has a unique set of needs, wishes and aspirations. We will always strive to encourage personal growth, build on ones strengths and their skills to boost confidence and promote choice and independence. The organisation will build a valiant commitment of staff to make the best of the facilities we provide which are wholly suitable for the modern service provision.


Greenshoot Care Services Ltd

CQC overall rating


03 October 2017