A Challenging Journey: Defiance In The Face Of Adversity

giles3This accredited workshop is targeted specifically for Solicitors. Giles Hudson ( Consultant at Greenshoot Care Services) will dive deep into specific challenges he went through in his rehabilitation, following a Traumatic Brain Injury. This workshop will give you insight and a long term view on the effects of Brain Injury you won’t get anywhere else. You will hear the exact how-to’s from somebody who has done it, experienced the same obstacles and frustrations your clients are likely to experienced and ultimately found success by developing a strategies and relearning some of the skills he had lost

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise & define barriers to confidence, motivation, self-esteem & progress.
  • Recognise ways to improve confidence, motivation, self-esteem & progress.
  • Recognise personal & environmental barriers to a reasonable quality of life for someone who has sustained a brain injury.
  • Recognise ways to overcome personal & environmental barriers to a reasonable quality of life for someone who has sustained a brain injury.
  • Recognise the possible long term negative effects and limitations on the quality of life for someone who has sustained a Brain Injury. (Including their reduced level of personal independence, career potential & future financial security).
  • Have a broad understanding of the potential support required by someone who has sustained a Brain Injury & the implications of such support.
  • Recognise the impact from someone sustaining a Brain Injury on their families, support networks & their community.
  • Recognise the long term effects from someone sustaining a Brain Injury on their families, support networks & their community.


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Claire Hewitt, Business Development Manager at BHP Law (July 5, 2013).
"I would recommend Giles as a proficient speaker - especially in the area of brain injury and rehabilitation - his delivery on this
topic at the Darlington Headway Launch was both inspirational and motivational."

Ben Townsend, Partner and brain/spinal cord injuries lawyer at Stewarts Law LLP (July 10, 2013).
"I have seen Giles speak on a number of occasions and his account of surviving a brain injury was both moving and inspiring. I would be happy for him to speak at an event that I was organising. He has supported Headway Teesside and has been a positive, calming presence at our drop-in. I have been very pleased that he has regularly attended and supported other survivors."

Alastair White Network Support Manager at Headway - the brain injury association
“I have now worked with Giles since March 2013. Giles is a very motivational speaker, and I recommend him to potential training companies. The trauma that Giles has sustained in his life, gives him a platform from which he delivers his personal take on the experience that changed him as a person, changed his career path and changed his outlook on life.”

APIL CPD hours: 1
accredited by APIL Training